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E3 Retreats


Combining Travel with Transformation
Explore, Embrace & Enjoy Life Like You’re Meant to!

Learn the techniques to manifest and truly experience the life you’ve always wanted.

Dive headfirst into the waters of change and acceleration by travelling to special destinations in unique and beautiful locations.

Go on an adventure for your mind, body, and spirit all while exploring new places. Let your senses guide you on a journey like none other.

You’re ready for something different. Ready to stop pretending and to live the life you’ve always wanted. Prayed for. Craved.

E3 Retreats emphasizes a journey for your soul and all your senses.

Rewire your brain to experience more pleasure and less pain. Transition from constant worry and self-doubt to confidence and clarity.

yogaSoothe your soul and reboot your life.

Shift the beliefs holding you back in real time. Put your dream on paper with your written vision and bring it to life on your vision board.

You’ll return home with a totally new perspective on what is possible, new BFF’s, renewed hope and best of all the courage to take on anything (or anyone!) that crosses your path to fulfillment.

Travel is one thing, but travel paired with transformation is a whole new level of fabulous.

verona-bikeI’m talking about a transformation that brings massive shifts to your entire life.

Shifting the limiting beliefs that hold you back from experiencing true freedom.

Shifting the focus on not enough to your cup spilleth over and bowls full of tiramisu more than enough.

Shifting from non-acceptance and resistance to expansion and empowerment.

Do I hear a HELL YES! I’m in, this is for me?

Read below to learn about our upcoming retreats:

The Ultimate Journey to Joy and Adventure in Beautiful Verona – Oct 11-17, 2016

Your needs, your dreams, your inner knowledge of what’s important in life – those things need to come first sometimes.

You crave a release of the struggle, stress and tension that daily life can bring. Those things are so endlessly frustrating! You’re bloody sick of them.

You long to laugh in the sunshine, a glass of Prosecco in hand, with other women who just get it.

How about traveling to a magical land, a land rich with history and legends that have mesmerized and captivated for centuries?

Where travelers once sailed for months to reach.

Where lovers died for one another and writers poured out their souls onto paper.

Where delicious joy inducing food and drink are part of the very cultural fabric.

Adventure is great but there has to be balance. That’s why we’ve created space for you to think, meditate and grow from the teachings you’ll experience each day.

This is travel with a generous splash of transformation.

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