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Ellen’s Food and Wine Tours


the galsIs there a free spirit inside of you that yearns for more? More beauty, more meaningful connection, more profound knowledge,  more powerful experiences…?

That certainly describes me. I revel in traveling the globe and discovering out of the way places and special experiences. And I enjoy it infinitely more when I have the opportunity to share my adventures with others, which is why I create and lead affordable, intimate, unique travel adventures with exclusive insider experiences.

This is what you’ll find in Ellen’s Food and Wine Tours. 

Imagine pairing your love of food and wine with traveling to amazing places off the beaten path accompanied by someone who knows the ground and speaks the language…

If that puts a smile and a dreamy look on your face, then you’ll want to join me on specially crafted boutique food and wine tours that take you behind the scenes. Meet locals, savor regional delicacies, sip rustic and sohisticated wines, learn culture, history, maybe even pick up a few words in a new language, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Relax. I speak Spanish, French, Italian, German (and a few more!)…

And I’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

Savor Life.

One delicious region at a time.

Members of Ellen’s Food and Wine Globetrotter Club, designed to reward our frequent travelers, enjoy the following savings: $/€50 off the 2nd trip, $/€100 off the 3rd trip and $/€150 off the 4th and all future trips! (depending on the currency for the trip).


Each experience is unique and may include:

  • Cooking classes
  • Outings to local markets and/or festivals
  • Wine (and perhaps olive oil, champagne, limoncello and more) tastingswinetasting
  • Shopping (pottery, antiques, local treasures and more)
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Informal coaching (and opportunities to book some private time with me too)

You’ll leave each experience brimming with a profound appreciation of the intricate nature of world culture and humanity. And probably a few bottles of excellent wine, freshly pressed olive oil, fragrant lavender, provençal fabrics, hand-painted ceramics, artisanal chocolates…the list goes on and on. Each day includes ample free time for shopping and exploring!

Read below to learn about upcoming Experiences with Ellen’s Food and Wine Tours! 

Argentina (March 2019)

Taking Wait List Requests!
Who’s up for a trip to Argentina around the first 8-10 days in March, 2018? My trip in April, 2017 to Mendoza was full of amazing food, wine and other experiences…and I can’t wait to share it with you! Ideas include flying into Buenos Aires and touring the city, attending the world famous wine fest in Mendoza, visiting wineries in the Mendoza region, lunch and winery tour at El Enemigo and dinner at Frances Mallman’s 1848, perhaps a day in the mountains meeting guanacos (like llamas and adorable!), learning how to prepare an authentic Argentine BBQ, perhaps learning tango, definitely taste-testing alfajores (cookie and dulce de leche treats) and much more… Full details and price will be available soon! Vamos a Argentina!

Champagne, France – April 26-29, 2018

Wait List Started
We’ll be traveling to the Champagne area of France where we will visit large and small champagne manufacturers; staying in a charming former monastery (that feels like living in a castle) and learning French cooking first-hand from a well-known local chef.

Additionally, outings are planned to Troyes on market day (antiques too!), the Charles de Gaulle memorial and museum and the riverfront city of Nancy, known for its late baroque and art nouveau landmarks.

There is room for 14 adventurers (singles and couples) in this special experience.

Sicily, April 18-25, 2018

Details coming soon!

Provence, France (June 18-25, 2018)

Available for Booking!
We’ll be traveling to Provence, France where we will meander through fields of fragrant lavender, visit local provençal markets, the Roman ampitheatre in Orange, the Pope’s Palace in Avignon, an olive oil mill and a lavender distillery, local wineries for wine tasting, several charming villages and learning French cooking first-hand while we help prepare our dinner each night.


Undiscovered Alsace, France (Coming in Fall, 2018)

Taking Wait List Requests
Join me off the beaten path in Southern Alsace. Visit a winery where my friend’s family has been buying wines for over 60 years, wander into the kitchen and lend a hand creating authentic Alsatian cuisine, taste fabulous cheeses with a world class cheesemonger, stroll through charming villages and visit a morning market, explore Roman history, tour a UNESCO World Heritage site and much more.

About Ellen’s Food and Wine Tours…

I have always loved travel, especially the kind where you get beyond the obvious and uncover the true essence of life. You know, the kind of travel where you get past all the glittery tourist stuff, meet the locals and learn some language and culture through hands-on involvement? Ellen’s Food and Wine Tours is an expression of my deep love for sharing genuine travel experiences with others. Come join the adventure!

Savor Life… One delicious region at a time!


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