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Filling Up the Black Hole…with Purpose!

I was traveling for a couple weeks last month in the US and one morning splurged on a Denny’s breakfast. You know the kind that comes on TWO separate plates with eggs, bacon, hash browns AND pancakes. Called the Great American Grand Slam; it was a deliciously decadent concoction of blueberry pancakes topped with strawberries, cream cheese icing and whipped cream. And, can you believe it, I’m still losing weight!

How can this be?  Let me tell you the good news: When you are taking massive action (employing multiple strategies), you can eat what you want and be at your perfect weight (or reach it and stay there!). The best part is the wonderful AHA I had: I realized I am fulfilled by purpose-I don’t have a vast black hole to fill…I’m doing what my heart desires; my life purpose, so I am ON Purpose…and don’t need to stuff myself with food to satisfy the void. Nice!

Sound intriguing? Here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Discover and follow your purpose. If you don’t know what it is yet, then it’s high time to figure it out, don’t you think? What really makes your heart sing and fills you with JOY? When are you the happiest? When does everything feel clear and decisions are easy? Do the things that you enjoy and enjoy what you are doing; two different scenarios.
  1. Take pleasure from making good, healthy choices; food and non-food! Explore alternatives to your current foods and activities. Let go of the belief that you need to eat certain foods and amounts at specific times. For example, try eating an appetizer rather than a main course for lunch or dinner. That Denny’s breakfast above? I enjoyed a bit of everything, but no way I could polish it off-stuffing myself no longer appeals to me. Non-food ideas? Soothe yourself with a bath or a long walk. Set strong boundaries, feel good about them and hold to them. Give yourself permission to make choices that nuture YOU.
  1. Take massive action. Cover multiple bases without waiting to see if one tiny tweak works. I’m all about leveraging! Try some or better yet, ALL of the following: Drink tons of purified water, make healthy choices (most of the time; ya gotta have fun, right?), say your affirmations over and over, visualize, let go of your attachment to food (and especially the belief that it makes you fat!), partner with someone who will keep you accountable and can identify the bits that you are probably missing and should be doing, use nutritional supplements to detox and keep things humming and be as active as possible.

This week, I challenge you to explore the ways you can be ON PURPOSE.  Not doing so no longer serves you. Consider what steps you can take to support yourself and then implement them! What’s holding you back?

Hope this has energized you to get some shifting started! Please share your questions and comments below.  I’d love to support you in any way that I can. Perhaps you’d like more clarity on all this? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Your new life awaits!

Make this the year you actually say NO to what you don’t want… and YES to what you DO want. 

Ellen Thomas is passionately dedicated to helping women who are frustrated with spending time and money on personal development and still don’t feel like they get how to implement the tools. She helps them by holding their hand and guiding them through the maze so they not only experience the AHA moments, but also experience forward movement into the life they’ve been craving and deserve. Find out more at

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