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How to Stop the Snowball of Overwhelm and get Back on Track

snowball2Ever feel that no matter what you do, you just aren’t getting where you want to go? Things aren’t getting accomplished. You are totally snowed under and overwhelmed.  More projects keep getting piled on. Everything seems to be flowing along and then before you know it, it all snowballs and there’s an avalanche! I sure know that feeling. Happened to me just last week. I had so many plates spinning I felt like I was a circus performer! Geez Louise! I realized I was in overwhelm and this is what I did:

I stopped and took a few deep, relaxing, cleansing breaths. Then, I made a list of all my projects and analyzed which ones had priority. Next I broke them down into smaller bites, grabbed my calendar and looked at my next couple weeks, so I could slot in each step. Whew! Felt so much better! And, lo and behold, I’ve worked myself through those projects, bite by bite and am now on the other side, with time to write a blog post. How cool is that?

So figure out the steps to get it all done; no matter how tiny the movement forward might seem. Even baby steps will get you through a marathon if you keep moving forward, right? Release the stuff that is holding you back, whether it is a limiting belief or something you can delegate. If you can’t get what you want right away, then let go of it and readjust. Most of all, remember to cut yourself some slack. Dinner doesn’t have to be a five-course meal. You can still have something fresh and healthy if you plan ahead by having a list of where you can buy fresh fast food. There are so many super options these days; Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or perhaps treat yourself to a subscription delivery service. What else can you let go of, delay or delegate?

Note to self: There is great value in taking time to breathe, regroup and reorganize. You’ll be much more effective, not to mention healthier and happier.

This week, I challenge you to explore the ways you can be ON PURPOSE.  Not doing so no longer serves you. Consider what steps you can take to support yourself and then implement them! What’s holding you back?

Hope this has energized you to get some shifting started! Please share your questions and comments below.  I’d love to support you in any way that I can. Perhaps you’d like more clarity on all this? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Your new life awaits!

Make this the year you actually say NO to what you don’t want… and YES to what you DO want. 

Ellen Thomas is passionately dedicated to helping women who are frustrated with spending time and money on personal development and still don’t feel like they get how to implement the tools. She helps them by holding their hand and guiding them through the maze so they not only experience the AHA moments, but also experience forward movement into the life they’ve been craving and deserve. Find out more at


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