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Meet Ellen

So! You’re ready to:

  • REV up your energy, feel super fulfilled with your work and be the self-motivated goddess you know you should be.
  • Drop the mood swings like a bad habit.
  • Reach your highest potential and feel ecstatically happy – because you just know, there is so much more out there for you.
  • Embrace more awesomeness, excitement, achievement, money… it’s just waiting for you to step forward and grab it!

But you know that before any of that stuff out there can change, you’ve got some stuff within that needs to change first.

In other words, it’s time for a shift. (And no, I don’t mean like shifting gears in a car.) I mean with your actual LIFE: your body, your relationships, and how you feel.

And you know that you’ve got more to offer this world than just “meh” but lately it feels like you don’t have the steam, energy, fuel, fire, motivation to just get up and at ‘em.

I’ve been there, lady. Oh boy, have I been there.

Hi there! My name is Ellen Thomas, and I’m the Chief Belief Shifter around here at Shift Limiting Beliefs.Meet Ellen

Because the only thing standing between YOU and the life you truly want are those BELIEFS that aren’t serving you, but are just holding you back.

I get what you’re going through.

See, for many years I struggled with my confidence and energy and just feeling “okay” enough to reach my potential. I was a smart stable young lady with a killer education – living in New York City (like a dream!) – but I still couldn’t get my life really going in the direction I craved. I had everything (HA, I thought!), but I still wasn’t happy. Before long, I found myself in a toxic relationship and things got so bad that I had to end it. Which meant leaving my apartment, my job, and my New York City. I headed back to Atlanta, pulled myself up by my bootstraps and determined to understand WHY I never felt “normal.” Why would I get so easily confused and get thrown into a tizzy over practically nothing? Why did success seem like it was always just beyond my grasp?

It took some searching, but I eventually discovered that I wasn’t depressed, or anxious, or emotionally unstable (or completely dense!). I didn’t need prescription medication (contrary to what some doctors tried to tell me). I just needed to master some personal development techniques (like raising my vibration from basement level up to the penthouse, baby!) and once I cracked the code, I was able to see everything more clearly and truly once and for all and forever change my life.

From there, everything got better and better.

I discovered that the Law of Attraction had everything I needed to help me finally lose weight, find love, make money and so much more… and I have a surprise for you…LOA isn’t just for money manifesting. WORD. It’s the bomb. If it hasn’t worked for you before, you gotta give it another chance! And, frankly, what do you have to lose? 

At 46 years old, I finally found my Prince Charming and got married for the very first (and last!) time. We currently live in Germany. Now, I get to visit other cities in Europe as part of my everyday life. It blows my mind that life can be this good. I’m in my 50s, and I’m now slimmer and happier than I’ve ever been with a fulfilling, meaningful career and overflowing with energy and confidence.

These methods have been so damn powerful for me that I’ve literally devoted my life to helping others experience the same.

If you’ve been struggling with your energy, motivation, productivity, and overall happiness, I’m here to help you STOP and LET GO of all the crap that’s holding you back so you can TAKE CHARGE of a whole new life.

One that you totally LOVE.

Life is too short to limit your joy.

Are you ready to take the wheel for this joyride?

Let’s get started.

{Your dream life starts right here.}

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