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Susan Henshaw

I ‘stumbled’ upon Ellen’s website while perusing Facebook.  I was drawn to it as I wanted to transform my life and shift what I knew were to be limiting beliefs so I figured I was onto the perfect combination given the name of her site.  Synchronistically, there was only one free consultation time that suited me (being on the other side of the world) so I booked in and the rest is history! I started working with her only a couple of days later.  The words that come to mind when thinking about Ellen are… kind, focused, persistent, supportive, encouraging and passionate.  At times, I wanted to give up on myself but Ellen wouldn’t let me and I’m so grateful to her for sticking by me and seeing the potential in me when I couldn’t always see it clearly myself.  I haven’t yet finished our sessions but already I feel transformed.  I also feel like I’ve definitely shifted some of the limiting beliefs I carried around for so long.  I have a clear plan I’m working towards, I’ve achieved much more than I would have working on my own and I feel inspired by my future.

Susan Henshaw, Launceston, Tasmania

Caroline Trixi Wirth White

I encourage everyone who is thinking about trying something new in their life, or wants to sharpen their life skills, to work with Ellen. I had been searching for my true passion in life and how I could best achieve my personal goals. I felt completely motivated at the end of my call with Ellen to refocus and move ahead with my current plans and idea. Ellen introduced me to my own thinking! I found myself listening with aggressive ears and a desire to pull as much information from her as I possibly could. Ellen will help you through the process of self-discovery and self-confidence to build upon your authentic self. She is a force to be reckoned with and I adore her energy and her passion for life. Contact Ellen. Why wait another day?

Caroline White, Stuttgart, Germany

Mary Milne

Ellen is extremely focused and got straight down to business identifying limiting beliefs I wasn’t even aware I had! We put together a list of positive affirmations that reflected areas of my life I wanted to transform, and compiled a playlist of my favourite songs! After our first session I felt much clearer in my mind about moving forward. While I’m quite a motivated person, one of my worst habits was losing track of time and wondering when I got to the end of a day why I had been busy but often felt that I hadn’t achieved very much! Ellen helped me to identify how my time was being spent and how to use it more effectively. As a result I have become much more aware of how I choose to allocate my time. While I was working with Ellen I was building a website to help develop my business and Ellen shared some very valuable marketing insights that have helped enhance my site. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ellen and feel that I’m in a much better place to undertake the projects I have planned for this year.

Mary Milne, Wiltshire, England


Ellen helped me identify and focus on areas of my life that I needed to address to move forward. Her affirmations and the questions she asked helped me to see my options more clearly. Ellen is a gifted listener. She is perceptive and encouraging. Her warmth, wisdom and honesty were just what I needed.

Marian McDonald, Atlanta, Georgia

Cristina Drannikow

Thanks to Ellen there is a better version of me going around. From my weight (I have lost 9 kgs in 7 months), to my health, to the discovery of my purpose to my attitude in life. A year ago I started my coaching sessions with Ellen, and I can say that thanks to my work with her I could really TRANSFORM my life in NO TIME. Ellen guided me in my path to transformation and I am extremely grateful for that. She is a loving, caring person who knows EXACTLY where you come from. She would listen and allow for the better version of you to shine!

Cristina Drannikow, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Anna Sawyer

I just wanted to thank you so much for the course today. I really learned a lot from you.You mentioned something interesting in the course today about volunteering your time as a way to shift your belief into abundance. I will tell you that the internships I am getting now are where I want to be and not expecting anything in return other than an experience. It is because I am volunteering with full purpose of heart that other opportunities seem to be opening up for me and I am very surprised by this. Also, I have started surrounding myself with successful, positive people since we talked one on one. With all this being said, I want you to know that your advice has really helped me be the person I envision myself to be. Thank you so much!

Anna Sawyer, Sacramento , California

Allie Meadows

Ellen Stillman Thomas is amazing. She has great insight and guidance. I will be following her and am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. Ellen, thank you so much for offering up your event! I really enjoyed it and plan to use the information I learned into my life. You are great! Peace be with you.

Allie Meadows, Montgomery, Alabama


Working with Ellen was absolutely life-changing. She helped me make progress in my career goals, in my personal life and with my daily nutritional needs. When I started working with Ellen, I thought I only needed guidance with my job search, but Ellen took a holistic approach to coaching me and I have received far more results than I could ever have anticipated. I have truly experienced a successful transformation since working with Ellen.

Patrice Falcone, Pensacola, Florida

Maggi Pier

I can sincerely say that my life is being transformed, thanks to Ellen. I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone who is goal-oriented and looking to move forward in their life at warp speed. Her positive energy and sensitive perception, combined with some of the best coaching skills on the planet, have helped me in ways that words cannot even express. Thank you, Ellen, for helping me transform my life!

Maggi Pier, Jackson, Georgia

Dee Dee Shaw

Whether you want to transform your relationships, your career or your figure, Ellen will equip you, encourage you and empower you. Ellen is a great coach! If you don’t know where you want to go, she will take you through a discovery process and assist you in mapping out a plan. Most of all, she will help you to uncover your true desires, and empower you to create your own success.

Dee Dee Shaw, Macon, Georgia

Mary Ring

Ellen has a way of honing in on a person’s problems, offering insightful advice, then holding that person accountable, and finally giving positive encouragement and praise.She is very passionate about what she does, is an excellent teacher and has helped me overcome some of my fears.

Mary Ring, Lenexa, Kansas


Working with Ellen could be the turning point of your life. If you want change in your life, let Ellen help show you the way. I have known Ellen Thomas for many years, watching her move through life’s challenges with strength and grace. Her teaching comes from a depth of experience of living on this planet.

Suzann Sanders, La Quinta, California

Shelby Martin

Ellen has a strong, yet caring way of working with her clients that helps them to realize their potential. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and appreciate Ellen’s ability to help find those “aha” moments.

Shelby Martin, Charlottesville, Virginia


Ellen has been a great mentor to me, teaching me about time management and holding me accountable for my goals, both in business and personal. I love working with someone who is not afraid to show tough love, yet makes coaching fun. And, of course, she is more than just a mentor now, she is a dear friend.

Chelsea Van Es, Palm Desert, California

Donna Kines

Ellen is a great coach! She is intelligent, caring, and insightful. I learned a lot of things about life and about myself that have proved to be very beneficial in all areas of my life. Thank you, Ellen!

Donna Kines, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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