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caterpillarPeople ask me all the time, how did you make the changes you did? How did you know what to do? What was that one defining moment when you just knew things should change and how did you get started? Honestly, it’s not rocket science, but there ARE some key things to keep in mind that will help you avoid sabotaging yourself and ensure you make the quantum leap you want and deserve. Have I piqued your interest? Read on…

So, let’s start with change. Be honest, how do you really feel about change? Not a big fan, right? Most of us aren’t very comfortable with mixing up the status quo, but let’s face it; change is essential to getting what we want in life. Typically, here’s what happens: We try different things and good stuff starts to flow into our lives, but then we feel uncomfortable, because it’s all new and different, so we start wondering if we are doing the right thing and we second guess ourselves and then the next thing we know, we are back to Square One. Sound familiar? Yikes! How did that happen?

With me, things started falling into place when I finally believed I was doing the right thing, committed to it and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I tried everything and anything to move forward, without filtering or second guessing. And it worked. I love feeling confident, energized, successful and happy. And I love helping others do the same. That’s why I share my experiences with you and I love hearing about your progress!

Try these two tips:

  1. Push out of your comfort zone. Try new approaches, therapies and techniques. Take massive action. Be willing to try more than one thing at a time and don’t push things away just because someone else says it wouldn’t work. Believe me, that someone else probably doesn’t know what they are talking about. Do they really have an amazing life…? Or, are they just threatened by you wanting to change? And what works for you, might not be the right fit for them. Hmmm…
  2. Accept that change is part of the process and be open to it. Stop getting in your own way. Be excited about the changes. Leverage your affirmations here. My favorite one is: I love and accept all the wonderful new changes flowing into my life. That covers all the bases and stops you from pushing all the new yumminess away. That affirmation totally turned the tide for me; it woke me up and helped me realize that I was getting what I wanted, so I needed to welcome it with joy, rather than fear it, inadvertently pushing it away and destroying it in the process. Hello. Seems like a no-brainer once you think about it that way, right?

Hope this has energized you to get some shifting started! Please share your questions and comments below.  I’d love to support you in any way that I can. Perhaps you’d like more clarity on all this? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Your new life awaits!

Make this the year you actually say NO to what you don’t want… and YES to what you DO want. 

Ellen Thomas is passionately dedicated to helping women who are frustrated with spending time and money on personal development and still don’t feel like they get how to implement the tools. She helps them by holding their hand and guiding them through the maze so they not only experience the AHA moments, but also experience forward movement into the life they’ve been craving and deserve. Find out more at

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